About Us

About Us

"It all started in an old shed"

Welcome to the Buckwild Saloon, a small town bar in Fostoria, MI owned by me, Tina, which I run with my husband Kevin and daughters Gwendolyn, Jocelyn and Mayson. We opened the Buckwild Saloon in October 2018, realizing our dream of owning a bar that served as the heart of a local community.

That dream was born a few years earlier in an old rustic shed that stood next to our cabin a couple of hours' drive north in the town of Mio. Kevin and I converted our little shed into a small bar where we could host family and friends. This was the first incarnation of the Buckwild Saloon, and it was here that we developed a passion for entertaining, combining hearty home-cooked food with a warm, friendly atmosphere.

It didn't take long for our ambitions to grow beyond our little cabin. We dreamt of something bigger. We wanted to own a bar that would become the cornerstone of a local community, a place where people could come together over great food and good company and be a part of something special.

Inspired by the local community in Mio and the regulars at our favorite bar, the Mio Saloon, we put our plan into action. We began the search for a small town bar where we could make our dream a reality. It took us over a year to find the perfect spot. During a long ride across Tuscola County we finally found the bar that would become the Buckwild Saloon situated in the small town of Fostoria.

Before opening the bar Kevin suffered serious head injuries when he was hit by a drunk driver while on his motorcycle. An army veteran, Kevin has made an inspirational recovery. As a former technician and electrician there's nothing that Kevin can't fix, which is pretty useful when you run a bar. Combined with my background in real estate and my passion for design, cooking and entertaining, we make a pretty good team.

Not long after we bought the bar we discovered that it has a connection with our original inspiration, the Mio Saloon. One of our bar's former owners, Bernie Ruth, just happened to be the brother of the previous owner of the Mio Saloon, Earl Ruth. Both men were much loved and are fondly remembered in Fostoria and Mio. Just like Bernie and Earl, Kevin and I are proud to serve the local community in their tradition.

Since opening the Buckwild Saloon we've carried out several renovations to the old place, including the addition of a new kitchen and an outdoor patio. We're also planning to extend the building so we can pack even more in to our small town bar. We've come a long way since starting out in a shed in Mio.

Whether you live nearby or if you're just passing through, stop in and relax with friends or come and make some new ones. Try out some of our delicious home-cooked food, including our daily specials, our mouth-watering burgers or our in-house smoked meats. We also have free live music, open mic nights and a whole host of fun community events all year round. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with everything we have going on. We'd love to see you here at the Buckwild Saloon the next time you're in town.